Best Ways to Clean Your Household Carpet

Best Ways to Clean Your Household Carpet

Carpets easily attract dirt and animal hair as well as absorb stains. They also hold mold if left wet or damp for some time. A dirty carpet is not only unpleasant to see, it is also a favorite place for fleas, dust mites and carpet bugs. They need daily cleaning maintenance, odor and stain removal and deep cleaning as part of routine maintenance for your household’s carpet.

Vacuum cleaning, spot cleaning and shampooing are the common ways to clean carpets. The method is usually dictated by the type of dirt or stain to be removed.  Whatever cleaning method you choose, except in spot cleaning, the first step is to always prepare the room. If possible remove the furniture and other furnishing on or near the carpet. Remove the dust from the window sills, blinds and furniture that can fall on the carpet. Then, collect toys, coins and other small items that can obstruct the passage of the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaning

First, check if the room has been properly prepared.  If the pieces of furniture will not be moved, cover their legs with plastic or aluminum foil. If you have items in the room that you no longer need, it may be time to organise a  rubbish removal in Sydney.

Start vacuum cleaning at the carpet’s edge and the baseboards. Use the nozzle attachment to clean hard-to-reach areas. Vacuum the carpet vertically and horizontally alternately to ensure thorough cleaning of every fibre in every spot.

Vacuum clean regularly. The frequency depends on how soon the household members or your pets make your carpet dirty.

Spot cleaning                                  

Spot cleaning is the cleaning method to remove new spills on any part of your carpet. It’s like an emergency carpet cleaning.

You will need a clean white cloth or plain paper towels to immediately blot the spill before using the carpet cleaning solution. Use a clean part of the cloth for each succeeding blotting to remove the spill. Blot gently. Don’t scrub, press hard or rub vigorously because the action will just push the spill deeper into the carpet’s surface.

It is important that you have the carpet cleaner specified by the carpet manufacturer and you have become familiar with the cleaning procedure. Usually, there are different ways of spot cleaning for different types of stains.

Make sure to test the carpet cleaner on an area without stain that is not or rarely seen, like under the furniture. This a color fastness test. The carpet’s color should not fade or leave behind a stain.

Shampoo Carpet cleaning

Check if the room is properly prepared for shampooing the carpet. Any remaining furniture should have their legs covered to protect them from cleaning solution and water damage. You also need to protect your feet from the shampoo solution.

Check and spot clean any stains and vacuum clean the entire carpet before shampooing.

Make sure you are using a shampoo solution that is recommended by the carpet manufacturer. After rinsing, remove as much water as you can from the carpet.

Before rinsing, plan that you will not step on any rinsed surface for drying by starting at the area farthest from door. Drying may last for 24 hours in a well-ventilated room.

If you don’t own a carpet shampooing machine, find stores that offer them for rent.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners & rubbish removal

Homeowners who have no time or are physically unable to clean their carpets can hire a professional company to complete the work for them.

If your carpet needs replacement because it is worn out, with foul odor or ugly stain that you can’t remove, Aus Rubbish Removals in Sydney can also expertly remove and dispose of your carpet.  Contact us today.

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