What work does your company do?

We specialise in rubbish removals of all types as well as demolitions with a speciality in bathroom demolitions.

What are your company values?

We believe in the importance of teamwork. At Aus Rubbish Removals, we live by the motto, “Teamwork’s the Dreamwork”.

Our team is friendly, dedicated and honest in all situations. We maintain a high integrity and will always get the job done.

What are your company hours?

Whatever time suits you, we can cater for. Your rubbish time, is our work time. We completely understand that most of our customers are busy, time-poor individuals, so we provide services outside of hours generally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do you take?

We take basically everything, except for Gas Bottles and large Fire Extinguishers. As long as it fits in our truck, we can get it done!

Are you an Australian company?

We are an Australian company, born and bred.

How do I pay?

We accept Cash or Card via our secure mobile payment system. We are also able to take credit card details over the phone if necessary in order to make your life that much easier.

Do you Recycle?

Yes we do. We believe in the importance that recycling plays in keeping our environment clean and it’s our goal to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on our environment.

When we tip our rubbish we can ensure that any materials that are able to be recycled are done so responsibly. We also do different types of loads based on the materials that we are removing.

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