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Tips to Reduce Costs of Rubbish Removal in Sydney

Rubbish removal is easier if you hire a rubbish removal company. However, some people are hesitant to do so due to cost constraints.

The cost of the service can vary, depending on the factors that determine the cost. You might be able to reduce or eliminate some of these factors to make the rubbish removal cost affordable.

  • Location and accessibility of rubbish for removal
  • Time and labour needed for rubbish removal and transporting them to the landfill site or to recycling centers.
  • Amount of rubbish or waste for removal.
  • Type of rubbish for removal. Are they contaminated or do they need to be segregated?

If your rubbish removal needs more time and labour to complete, expect to be quoted higher fees for their services.
Useful Tips to Reduce Rubbish Removal Cost

The following are some tips that will help you reduce the fees charged by the company you hired for rubbish removal Sydney:

  • More accessible and ready to collect rubbish waiting in an accessible location would require shorter time and less labour.If the rubbish is inside the house or office, have them on the ground floor. Inform the rubbish removal company if they have to carry the rubbish down the stairs. They might need to bring some equipment for safer and faster rubbish removal.
  • Donate, recycle and reuse items you don’t use to reduce the amount of rubbish to be carried by the rubbish removal company. More rubbish will mean you will be charged for a longer time and heavier weight.If you don’t know the location of recycling centers, it is most likely that the rubbish removal company knows. Just identify the items you want to donate, reuse or recycle.
  • Keep the rubbish dry to avoid additional weight. Cover your pile of green waste outdoors when it’s raining.
  • Be aware of the different categories into which rubbish is required to be segregated. For example heavy solid materials such as tiles, concrete slabs and bricks will not be accepted in the tips or garbage dump if they are mixed with green waste or paper.Some wastes are classified as contaminated waste because exposure to them can be harmful and put you at risk of certain diseases. One example of contaminated waste is asbestos. For the safety of the people who can be exposed to contaminated waste, let a professional rubbish removal company handle them.Some landfills require payments before they accept certain types of rubbish. The following are examples and the fees could be different in another landfill: mattress ($100 each), tree stumps bigger than 0.5 meter ($80), an article made of polystyrene ($420) and battery ($5). So, don’t mix them with other rubbish.
  • Reduce the volume of your rubbish by breaking them up or stacking them up. The team of the rubbish removal company can compress the volume of your rubbish but it will for a fee.

Observe the rubbish removal teams as they do the job to know how you can make them finish the job faster next time. The less time and labour are used, the lower would be the cost of your rubbish removal

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